L'equateur légalise la vente des ailerons de requins


L'Equateur légalise la vente des ailerons de requins

Posté Mardi 14 Août 2007 par François

M. Raphael Correa, président de l'Equateur, a levé la semaine dernière, le 7 aout, la vente des ailerons de requins provenant d'individus pêchés accidentellement. Cette levée permet, de fait, de mettre sur le marché les ailerons de tous les requins et bien sûr des requins pêchés intentionnellement pour leur ailerons. Immédiatement après la levée de linterdiction des milliers d'ailerons provenant de stocks ont été mis en vente et la pêche au requin s'est intensifiée. On estime que 500 à 1000 requins sont capturés chaque jour dans les eaux equatoriennes.


Longitude 181 Nature a réagit immédiatement aux cotés de Shark Conservation Project, organisation membre de Shark Alliance, pour demander au Président de l'Equateur d'interdir la vente des ailerons de requins.

ci-dessous la lettre commune adressée au président équatorien qui sera remise au président par M. Osawaldo Rosero, représentant de Wildaid en Equateur :



Dear President Correa,

We are a group of NGOs concerned with science-based conservation of sharks, and are extremely concerned about the recent developments in Ecuador.

Ecuador has some of the strongest protection measures for sharks in the world. It is one of the very few countries to ban targeted shark fishing and one of about 20 to ban finning, the wasteful practice of slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea.


We appreciate that targeted shark fishing remains illegal in Ecuador. However, by legalising the sale of fins of sharks caught accidentally and no clear way to determine whether a shark was caught accidentally or intentionally, it appears that the fishermen now regard the move as a green light to kill as many sharks as they want in Ecuador's waters, and sell the fins while they can.

Fins are the most valuable part of most sharks, and sharks are therefore targeted primarily for their fins. Allowing fins to be traded again without strong enforcement measures that ensure sharks are not targeted equals an invitation to practice finning.

While we fully appreciate that the local fishermen have their own needs which you, as President, have to take into consideration, we plead with you to protect the sharks of the Galapagos, and of the mainland coasts, from targeted fishing.


As in other parts of the world, shark tourism has developed into an interesting alternative source of generating foreign exchange and creating many jobs. A number of us are avid recreational divers can attest to the incredible attraction of the marine life of the Galapagos.

Sharks play an essential role in the oceans, and removing them will have severe consequences for the delicately balanced marine biodiversity.

We are writing to you to implore you to ensure no targeted shark fisheries takes place in the waters around Galapagos, and that shark fishery is well managed elsewhere in Ecuadorian waters. Mr. President, you have the authority to save the Galapagos from an ecological tragedy which will adversely affect Ecuador' image as a top international tourist destination.

Yours sincerely,

François Sarano, president founder

Longitude 181 Nature is a French environmental NGO.
Its aims are preservation of marine environment and fair share of marine resources.

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